What is Tadpoles?

Tadpoles is a simple action game where each player is a squirming "tadpole" that can grow in length. Tadpoles have to start over if they touch either the edges or another player. The objective is to be the first to get to the end of the level and to have fun zapping the other players as you do it!

Tadpoles (so far) has three levels which were created using the companion level editor.
Screen Shots
Title Screen
First Level
Second Level

How Do I Install It?

After downloading Tadpoles from RubyForge at this location, use the command "tar -xzvf tadpoles-1.0.tgz" in the location you'd like to unzip it. Once unzipped, you need only run the tadpoles.rb file there if you have the SDL libraries already installed.

In all likelihood, however, you do not yet have the SDL libraries installed. In that case, download and install the following:

Tadpoles requires the following libraries:

To run Tadpoles, you will need to have ruby 1.6 or ruby 1.8 installed on your system. Then type: "ruby tadpoles.rb" at the command prompt (shell) to start.

Who Designed and Created It?

Two brothers, Duane and Owen Johnson were responsible for this spattering of color and animation that resulted in a game. They found the old QBASIC "Nibbles" game to be out-dated and a little bit boring, so they expanded on the concept. What better a place to do it in the growing Ruby language?

Tadpoles (C) 2004 Duane Johnson
Tadpoles is free software, distributed under the terms of the Ruby License.